Why Asphalt Repair Should Be a Priority

Asphalt is a sturdy and durable surface. However, it may still need repairs from time to time. Dips and cracks do not get better on their own. If you ignore the small cracks and dips, you could be setting yourself up for problems down the line. As in most maintenance tasks around the home, tackling issues while they are small is preferable to ignoring them until they become bigger issues. You can search online for any type of asphalt repair sumner wa  that residents can use.


Cracks in the asphalt are often the result of water that seeps in. The water expands and contracts with the changing seasons, and this is where cracks form. When cracks are not repaired, they allow even more water to seep in, resulting in larger cracks in the surface. Get the cracks fixed when they are small and can be easily, and economically repaired. The deeper the crack, the more difficult it is to repair.


Anyone who has been on a road, likely knows what a pothole is. Your driveway or walkway can also fall victim to potholes. As ice under the surface melts and refreezes, it makes these unpleasant holes. These are of course larger than the cracks mentioned above. Potholes are also a danger to your vehicle, as they can cause damage. They are also a danger to those who walk on the surface, as well. As with the cracks, potholes do not go away on their own either, and they often just keep getting larger.


Flaking or peeling is another issue that should be repaired. It gives your driveway, walkway or other surface and unattractive appearance. The cause of this is the sealer that was placed over the asphalt. Something prevented it from bonding the way that it should. This often happens in areas where there was oil on the asphalt. Another cause could have been the weather during the curing process. If there was freezing during this time, it could result in a failure to bond. In any case, it detracts from the look of the surface. It also leaves the surface open to stains, and penetration by chemicals. The sealers job is to prevent this, but when the sealer has been compromised, it is no longer able to do its job.

When it comes to repairs it makes sense to have them taken care of as soon as possible. When your asphalt is ignored, and problems pushed to the side the result it larger issues. Failure to have repairs made in a timely manner can also shorten the life of your driveway, walkway or other surface. It’s much easier to have small repairs made when they are needed, than to have the entire surface replaced due to allowing problems to become larger and more destructive. Make sure your asphalt is in good shape by performing quick inspections from time to time. This is the best way to see when repairs are needed.