What Mix Of Fire Extinguishers You Should Keep Inside Your Home

Everyone should have a couple of fire extinguishers around their home in case a fire breaks out, most critically in the kitchen and laundry room which is where many fires start. People should familiarize themselves with how to operate the fire extinguishers before they are needed and make sure that they are in good working order. The instructions for using a fire extinguisher are on the side of the unit. If people need help learning to use a fire extinguisher, they can visit their local fire department.

This guide to choosing and using a fire extinguisher is provided by the United States Fire Administration, a part of the Federal Emergency Management Administration. There are five types of fire extinguishers with three of these applicable to residential uses. The most common type of fire extinguisher is marked with an “A” inside a green triangle. It can be used to put out fires containing ordinary materials like paper, clothing, and wood. In the garage and kitchen it’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher with “B” inside of a red square. This can put out grease and gasoline-based fires.

Another type of fire extinguisher to consider is “C” inside of a blue circle. This will put out electrical fires such as a computer catching fire or a home entertainment system. Consumers can also look for multipurpose fire extinguishers that could be labeled “A-B” or “A-B-C”. A fire extinguisher tacoma wa company can visit most large retailers who carry these types of multipurpose devices.

To operate a fire extinguisher it is good to memorize PASS. The “P” stands for “pull the pin” while pointing the nozzle away from yourself. “A” is for “aim low” as you want to hit the fire at its base. The first “S” is for “squeeze the lever” which you want to do in a slow and even manner. The second “S” is for “sweep the nozzle” which you will want to do in a steady side-to-side fashion.

The fire extinguishers in your home should be easily accessible. You should periodically make sure the pressure on the gauge isn’t too high or too low and that everything is in good working order. There shouldn’t be any dents or rust on the device. They should also be wiped down on occasion to remove any dust or oil that has gotten on them.

There is a Wikipedia entry about fire extinguishers, found here. the article shares that fire extinguishers were first invented all the way back in 1723. A chemist by the name of Ambrose Godfrey created the first one in England. The fire extinguishing liquid was contained in a cask and if there was a fire it was exploded by gunpowder.

The modern chemical-foam fire extinguisher was introduced in 1904. This was created by the Russian inventor Aleksandr Loran. It contained two separate internal chambers, one filled with aluminum sulfate and the other with a mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate. These chemicals mixed when the device’s trigger was pulled which resulted in their spraying out of the nozzle at high speed.