Using Higher Grade Wood For Home Construction Is Important

When building a home, the materials used can make all the difference in the world in how well the home holds up to the test of time. Materials that are of average or substandard quality are more likely to show signs of wear and aging quicker than materials that are of good quality. It’s important to find the best quality.

Importance of Quality Wood Products

One of the main problems with many contractors today, is the inclination to replace out good or high-quality materials for materials that are average or substandard. This is often chosen by contractors because the contractors are looking to reduce the cost of the construction. On occasion, contractors also choose this because the higher-grade materials are not available, and the builder or homeowner doesn’t wish to have any delays.

No matter what the reason is that people choose to purchase average or substandard materials, this is usually an unwise idea. In most homes across the country, there is a certain amount of weathering and aging that will take place over time. Substandard and average materials will not hold up as well to the advanced aging process that can occur from bad weather conditions.

Extreme weather conditions that are not uncommon for the region include both storms and temperature extremes. In either of these circumstances, using higher grade products for home construction such as plywood products Melbourne contractors have access to, is much preferable. This is especially true when comparing plywood with the composite wood products that are sometimes used in building. Composite wood products are sometimes used in framing homes and are made of wood by-products instead of pure plywood materials.

Problems With Composite Wood Products

While composite wood panels are usually covered with some type of exterior siding on the home, elements can still permeate the siding and reach the sub level over time. One of the most damaging elements for this type of wood product is water. That is because composite wood products are wood particles that are sealed with an epoxy glue. With extended exposure to wood, the glue can get weakened a bit and become inclined to breakdown.

Another potential problem with composite wood also known as engineered wood is extreme heat. Over time, the glue product and epoxy sealant can also become more brittle from long exposure to intense heat. This can cause a bit of compromise of the materials underneath. In some cases, the wood materials will begin to bow out and become warped. This becomes most noticeable when walls become uneven.

Verifying Contractor Materials and Qualifications

Home buyers who are looking to purchase a new home, should always be certain to ask contractors what the main materials are that they are using in the construction of the home. If the home is being built as per personal specifications, home buyers can request and ensure that only good quality materials are being used.

The main items to verify when working with a home builder and contractor are:

• Verify the Contractor Credentials
• Verify the Materials Used in Construction
• Get Contractor References and Verify Them

Materials used for framing and cabinetry are usually the ones of concern with composite wood. Verifying these items are made of real wood not wood products will usually ensure a much higher-grade product.