The Right Carpeting Can Upgrade Your Space

When it comes to flooring, choosing the right type is critical not only for your overall aesthetic but for your comfort level as well. This is true whether you are choosing to floor for your business or for your home. As someone who loves to do all of the interiors and decorating for both my home and my hair salon, my tastes sort of vary drastically from one to the other. For instance, because I own a salon where we cut hair quite often, we first needed to have a floor that was conducive to our needs as well as looked nice. However, for my home, though I still have hardwood and marble flooring throughout the common areas, in all of the bedrooms I have wall to wall carpeting.

I have been in love with carpeting ever since I was a teenager and my mother and I moved into a tiny little apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan. My mother, who was very talented when it came to anything creative especially home decor, was very dismayed when we first went to view the apartment. Somehow or another, the hardwood flooring had been destroyed and there was a horrible sticky residue on them I’m guessing was leftover from an old linoleum covering. Because of this, the landlord knocked $500 off of the rent. With the discount she had received, my mother took that money and ordered us the plushest, heavily padded, the super-soft green carpet you could ever sink your feet into. And sink my feet I did. The feel of my bare feet sinking into that luxurious carpet is a feeling I fell in love with and have loved ever since.

Now, as an adult, I must have plush carpeting inside my bedroom, no matter what. When my husband and I bought our house here in Lenexa, the first thing I did was search for a carpet retailer lenexa ks so that I could have the carpeting installed in all of the bedrooms. I do, however, prefer to have hard flooring in the common areas just because of all of the traffic and for sanitary reasons. Though my mother had wall to wall carpeting throughout, she made everyone remove their shoes prior to entering our place anyway.

It’s amazing what certain decor elements can do to change the look and feel of a space. By adding not just carpeting, but ultra-plush money green carpeting, my mother took our place from a little bitty pad to a luxury apartment. It was as if the carpet was the star of the show and elements such as the fish tank, wall mirrors and plants were the co-stars. She even did little things like change out the original light switch covers for more personalized ones.

In that, my mother taught me more than just how to decorate. She showed me that no matter what life throws at you, there is always a way to make the best of any situation. And oftentimes, the very thing that seemed like a problem at the start only ends up being a blessing in the end.