The Different Types of Flooring Materials You Should Know

The kind of floor you need will depend on various factors, mostly depending on the user and the availability of the materials. A floor is a flat surface in a building that supports objects and you and your households. As earlier, the type and kind will depend on several factors. Are you building a storehouse, is it an interior room, office or the resting bay in a hotel? What are the readily available materials? Will you travel far away looking for the material of your choice for your floor? Lastly, what is your budget? These, among many others, are the factors that influence the type of any commercial hardwood floor installation alpharetta ga for your desired building.

Using Cement Concrete as a Flooring Material

Concrete has remained as the primary building material for a long time. It is suitable for any very affordable construction being. Concrete is also durable compared to the other types. Make sure that you get the right ratio of cement concrete. You can also use lime concrete together with the sand mortar. You can use a granolithic finish to get a heard wearing and leveled surface. You get this from rich concrete, having a sturdy and quality coarse mix.

Bricks as the Flooring Material

Though not recommended in residential and public areas, bricks can serve the purpose of flooring material. They are useful in storerooms, showrooms some times when they are arranged in functional patterns. They make an excellent aesthetic design basing on their color, shape, and size. Pace some concrete in between to hold them together. They are generally used for beatification or in less used rooms.


These are a kind of sedimentary rocks that you got when you spilled them along the planes. They are made of iron oxide, silica, and calcite. The stones are usually used to make tiles of different designs and sizes. They are suitable for beatification, especially in social places like night clubs or outside the bars. They do not want real water; therefore; they can serve even in dump positions. They are ideal when placed on concrete floors.

Marble as the Flooring Material

The is a metamorphic material used in commercial flooring buildings, bathrooms, kitchens, and any place that is prone to stain. These materials are stain proof so you can easily wash them. They are therefore used to where people need extra cleanliness like in the bathrooms and kitchens. They are also used in most hospitals. The marble is available in different designs and colors.

Other Types of Flooring Materials

Ceramic tiles are suitable for covering on top of the concrete as they are easy to clean and give the desired design and colors. They are hard to break when put on the floor. Plastic tiles are also laid on top of concrete. They are slippery and easily affected by fire. they are not that strong as compared to the other types of flooring materials. Mud and marrum are used in open places, but their use is limited with the invention of the modern flooring materials. Wood is also good though is prone to the damages by fire, rotting, and breakages under high pressure.