Online Marketing With Videos – Getting Started With These 3 Formats

Online Marketing With Videos – Getting Started With These 3 Formats

Service professionals and service business owners often get advised to supplement their websites, blogs, social media and Squidoo lenses by creating videos. Therefore online marketing increasingly requires an answer to the question, “Do I need a video?”

The answer is, “Maybe.” Many high-powered, wildly successful marketers have never made a video. If you do opt to enter the world of video, here are a few considerations to get started

Since many camcorders sell for $200 or less, it’s easy to get started without a lot of equipment, expense or hassle. Starting with a friend holding a low-cost camcorder can be an excellent way to begin your video adventure. For your first few videos, you don’t need to pay a professional or go to a studio.

The truth is, many high-powered marketers prefer to create videos that look casual. One reason to think “DIY” is the opportunity to test different types of videos and create many short videos rather than one huge production with lights, music and a thousand cheering extras. Another reason is that website visitors often enjoy watching videos that seem homemade. It’s like eavesdropping on a friend’s family album, rather than watching a slick commercial.

Even with the informal friendly video, you need to create a script to market yourself effectively. That’s why copywriting can be extremely helpful to develop your message, structure and persuasive content.

Before you begin, think of your role and purpose. Here are 3 types of videos you can use.

First, let’s say you’re dipping a toe into the water and are not sure you want to make videos a part of your marketing. Your best bet is a short video introducing yourself and your business. Avoid the tombstone bio approach. Create a lively script that not only introduces you but also shows how you help clients.

Second, if you offer a process that has a standard set of steps but varies widely from one application to the other, offer a demonstration video. Are you a fitness professional? Show just one exercise and emphasize that you create individual custom routines.

EFT tapping professionals use this method very effectively. When visitors see they are tapping on someone else’s problem, they often decide, “I wonder how this technique would work for me.”

Third, if you are deeply committed to video marketing, go viral. Create videos that people talk about and share. One expert marketer creates an annual series that spoofs whatever popular movie is “hot.” This year, for instance, the movie was Alice in Wonderland. She created six videos featuring different characters, from the White Rabbit to the Cheshire Cat.

To go viral, you need a commitment to using video. Just one viral video might get results, but you will get even stronger results when you have a series.