Casement Windows Are A Better Option Than You May Think

When some people think of windows in a home, their first thought is double hung windows. Double hung windows are the type that slides up and down in order to open. One of the other options to consider when it comes to types of windows are casement windows and they are very different from other types. After reading a bit about them you may want to install casement windows cincinnati oh in your home.

What Are They?

Casement windows open from the side on the side-mounted hinges they are attached to. They open and close vertically through the use of a crank. They aren’t the best choice for everyone looking to install windows in their home, but many people enjoy their unique functionality. There are a lot of advantages that casement windows offer over other styles.

They’re A Different Look

Casement windows have a different look than double hung windows that many people appreciate. If you enjoy the view outside of your home, you are able to see it better as there are fewer obstructions. There are far few muntins in casements because they usually require fewer panes of glass per window when compared to double hung. Windows do more than just help with temperature regulation. You should be able to enjoy the views that your home offers as much as possible. If you have a window in your home that is hard to reach, a casement window could provide an option that makes it much easier to open due to its crank operation.

Better Air Flow In Your Home

Opening your windows on a nice day is something that almost everyone looks forward to doing in the spring and fall. Breezes feel great as they are blowing through your home and casement windows can allow for more breezes to enter your home. If your house has very close neighbors that may interfere with the air flow between homes, casement windows can help to maximize the breezes that are caught by the windows. With better air flow, you may be able to use your air conditioner less while still being able to enjoy air from the outside.

They Can Offer More Security

It’s pretty easy to open a double hung window with just a crowbar and some elbow grease. Casement windows can’t be opened with crowbars and it’s almost impossible to get to the lock from the outside as it’s embedded in the window frame. You can also get laminated glass if you are wanting additional security. Laminate glass makes it harder for potential intruders to break through the glass in your windows.

They’re Easy To Clean And Maintain

With casement windows, there aren’t multiple panes of glass in each window that need to be cleaned. There is just one pane of glass that needs to be cleaned along with the frame. New casement windows are also designed to resist cracking, fading, and chipping as well which makes maintenance even easier.